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We Are Coming Soon

to 40 Main Street Middlebury, Vermont

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What are Chimney Cakes?

Also known as Kurtoskalacs this sweet bread originated in Eastern Europe. This production of bread dates back to the 1700's and can still be seen cooking over coal on the streets in Europe. Each chimney cake is handcrafted by wrapping a strip of sweet dough around a wooden baking spit and cooking it slowly over a rotisserie style oven. They are cooked until the exterior is crunchy with a golden-brown finish and the inside is light and doughy. It received the name 'chimney cakes' as once it is removed from the wooden spit it resembles a chimney as the heat rises from the hollow center. 


The love for chimney cakes started by seeing a delectable 'donut cone' image on Pintrest. A need to have one of these sensational cones began an obsession that led us to Europe where we studied the art of creating kurtoskalacs in Slovenia. Our name developed from our youngest child singing  the popular Mary Poppins song 'Chim Chim Cheree' as we baked these in our kitchen. We create top quality, imaginative and delicious chimney cones. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or something sweet to brighten your day, we have it here. 

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